What is Bikeshd

Bikeshd is a website that attempts to list all the bikes for sale online in London to give you a chance to recover it. Currently it lists bicycles from Gumtree, Ebay & Preloved. We keep the bicycles for a certain period ( around 90 days ) and then remove them for space reasons. Unfortuately we cannot keep bicycles for longer as we simply don't have the space to keep them. We're running since 2010.

What happens if I use the 'pin' function?

The Pin function allows to hold on to bicycles so if you found something interesting, you can find it again. Once a bicycle has been pinned you can find it on the main nav under MyShd. We implemented this in a way that you do not require to have a Bikshd user-account as it felt unnecessary. It uses your local browser storage instead which your broser probably deletes after a while. Please be aware that even though you have pinned a bike, once the advert become more than 90 days old it will disappear. We're thinking on how to improve this.

Who is Bikeshd

Not a company but just a guy ~ I'm a developer from London. If you're interested, you can visit my portfolio here .

Unfortunately advertising is necessary to cover the costs to keep the site running.