Brand New Electrobike Air-33 Compact
Brand New Electrobike Air-33 Compact
Brand New Electrobike Air-33 Compact

Brand New Electrobike Air-33 Compact Folding eBike (MATTE BLACK)

The Air-33 is a cutting edge folding electric bike, so light that anyone
can carry it easily and it's still affordable for everyone that wants
to improve their lifestyle and help the environment.Sit back and cruise on the fully electric motor, or pedal on your own
through the city, along the beach, and everywhere in between. Race
through traffic and climb up steep hills without missing a beat. When
you’re not riding your Air-33, just fold it up and store it away.Usually, electric bikes aren’t the go-to utility that they’re known
for mostly because they either have to be charged separately, or they
aren’t easily available and also that they can be a bit bulky. The
AIR-33 by ElectroBike is the best mix of electric plus manual – meaning
that it will work on a battery as well as manually pedalled by the user.
It’s fully weather-proof too, so rainy days won’t tarnish that
The AIR-33 is a foldable bike and weighs in at 15 kg – not bad for a
cycle with a motor in it. It can be carried around, for the most part
when traversing through staircases or just showing off to people that
this bike is electric and can be folded. There are a few modes on offer
with the AIR-33. One is a hybrid setting that lets users get some power
assistance from the battery while they pedal, a mode without assisted
pedaling and a third mode that allows the bike to go fully electric.
The speed will top at just 26 km/h that will go up to 32 km/h on the
higher end model.ElectroBike AIR-33: Lightest Folding Electric Bicycle (25-30 mile range, 350W brushless motor, 36V Lithium-ion battery, lightweight, 20 mph throttle speed, warranties) ×

London,United Kingdom
about 1 month ago